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How to Wear Stick Tip Hair Extensions

1 Separate the hair into four workable sections: two in the front and two in the back. Hold the hair in place with clips.Thread the needle through one micro ring until it is completely through.
2 Select a small 1/4 inch section of your natural hair and hook the hair using your needle. Close the latch once the hair has been grabbed.
3 Slide the micro ring down over the hair towards the scalp, keeping the latch closed with your index finger. Pull the hair completely through the ring, so the hair is threaded through the ring and your needle is free.
4 Insert your stick tip hair extension into the micro ring, so it is lying alongside the natural hair.
5 Crimp down on the micro ring using your pliers to close, keeping the hair in a downward position, so it lays flat once set. Repeat until the entire head is complete.